Thursday, September 27, 2007

New Plays In the West End

I had to link this, as I was immediately grabbed by the picture of Toby, though small and bit grainy, being gazed at longingly by Patricia Hodge. The woman's mesmerised I tell you!

There's nothing much in the story about Toby, rather it's a story about the ongoing struggle between plays and musicals in London's West End, but it's a good list of what's coming up if you fancy a trip to the theatre.


Fi said...

Hi Penny

Thanks for the link - that's an interesting article in itself and, as you say, provides some insight into what's coming on in the West End! I hope this doesn't sound mealy mouthed, but it's a kind of relief to know that not even Dame Judi Dench can fill the National Theatre if the subject matter is too "obscure" for even the great (un)washed masses of London!!!! Personally, I'd go and watch her read out the phone book...


On a personal note, I'll be in London in a few weeks' time for work, but won't have time to get to the theatre, so am looking to come up either in December or early in the new year to take in a play and a few exhibitions (hiatused with a few long lunches and bottles of sauvignon blanc, hehe!!). Like the sound of Tobe's production - haven't seen a restoration comedy for aeons and would love to see him "live" on stage.

Cheers Penny


jellybean said...
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jellybean said...

oops I did a huge typo.

here goes again...

Perou (a rather cool photographer) has taken some photos of Ruth, which are rather interesting. Here's the link:

pennyforyourdreams said...

Hi Fi,

Sorry about not replying sooner!

You're right about Dame Judi, fine and watchable actress. Though I did think quite naively that she'd have no trouble filling a theatre.

Ooh, have fun in London, even if it is just for work! Hope they don't work you too hard. Feign a sore throat and hit the Town!

Toby's play is running until January I think, so hopefully you'll get to see it, if there are tickets left at least ;) There was an interview with him in Metro, the London free paper, but I didn't get a chance to snaffle it, thinking that I'd link to the online copy of it, except there isn't one. Dammit!

I'm hopefully getting to go to see a play in a few weeks, just one locally with my niece, who yelled "Danny the Champion Of The World" at me till I aquiesced. I'm sure it'll be fun though.

On a posher note, I'm hoping to see "Present Laughter" at the National soon too, looking forward to it already. No doubt I'll collect some articles about it, 'cos enthusing is one of my favourite hobbies!

Don't work too hard!

Kind regards,

Penny :)

pennyforyourdreams said...

Thanks Jellybean!

They are lovely pictures, but don't cage poor Ruth in a glass box, let her run free! Free I say!

And that site is also quite a trove of luscious pictures: Damian Lewis for one, thud.

Thanks for the link!

Anonymous said...
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