Thursday, September 27, 2007

New Plays In the West End

I had to link this, as I was immediately grabbed by the picture of Toby, though small and bit grainy, being gazed at longingly by Patricia Hodge. The woman's mesmerised I tell you!

There's nothing much in the story about Toby, rather it's a story about the ongoing struggle between plays and musicals in London's West End, but it's a good list of what's coming up if you fancy a trip to the theatre.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Ruth in Suburban Shootout

Ruth is reprising her role as Jewel Diamond in Suburban Shootout and there's a cast bio for Ruth here. The photo is taken at a bit of an odd angle though!

The website for the show on Five is quite fun and the show is actually quite a little bit bonkers.

Toby in The Times

"Great things have always been expected of Toby Stephens. He is the son of two great actors: Maggie Smith and Robert Stephens. He has already notched up a mesmerising Coriolanus and a formidable Hamlet, not to mention a brooding Rochester in the BBC’s Jane Eyre. So which great cultural figure is he playing next? “I suppose I’m Sid James,” he laughs."

That is the first paragraph of an interview with Toby, which was in The Times recently, along with a rather nicer picture than last time!

According to the interviewer, Toby is "annoyingly handsome"! Not a sentiment I would disagree with!