Saturday, December 01, 2007

BBC Breakfast Interviews With Imelda Staunton and Simon Woods

Imelda Staunton (Miss Pole) and Simon Woods (Dr. Harrison) were interviewed about Cranford on BBC Breakfast, not together, I hasten to add, but on two separate occasions and both were lively interviewees, especially Imelda, whose spotty jacket I somewhat covet.

Imelda'a Interview:

and Simon Woods (who looks so much better with stubble than clean shaven, but still quite young) :

And does anyone know what "wink murder" is, please?


Bexx said...

Wink Murder is a party game...bit of an old fashioned one now...we always used to play it at Brownies!

You need a large-ish group of people. One person from the group is chosen to be the Detective and leaves the room. While he or she is out of the room everyone else appoints someone the murderer. The detective then re-enters the room. People are generally sitting in a circle with the dectective standing in the middle. The murderer then proceeds to "murder" people by winking at them without being caught by the detective. The victims when winked at, proceed to die appaulingly hammed up and drawn out deaths. The detective's job is to try and catch the murderer before he/she "murders" everyone. The murderer has to try and murder everyone without being caught.

Hope that helps!

pennyforyourdreams said...

Hi Bexx,

Thank you! It sounds quite fun. My mind was boggling at first as to what it was.

Imagine the impeccably acted fake deaths that the cast of Cranford could have performed. Oh for some behind the scenes footage!

Thanks again,