Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I did my English Exam yesterday and I'm pretty sure that I have actually done the right paper; it was touch and go for a while, as my name came up on two lists for two exams at the same time. Arrgh, nightmare.

I finally convinced the invigilators I was only doing one paper and it wasn't the one they had given me, so they moved me, in front of the whole lecture hall and I was wearing very noisy shoes. Still it wasn't as bad as the chemistry exam I took when, I was the only one doing the exam and the only one in the very large exam hall. If you don't move for a long time the lights turn themselves off. I had the pleasure of watching my chemistry teacher jump up and down in front of the sensor trying to get the lights back on, he eventually realised the easier way was to turn the lights off and then back on again. I still think that hilarity induced stupidity was the reason why I failed so abysmally.

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