Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Jane Eyre Radio Times Articles

I hope you all like the scans that I've done.

Click once to get them a bit bigger and then once again to get them even bigger.

The cover of the Radio Times (Doesn't he look smug!)


The editors take on Jane Eyre:

Page 1 of the article; wow, what a lovely picture.

Page 2 of the article:

Page 3 of the article:

Page 4 of the article, now with added Toby in sunglasses

Alison Grahams' take on Jane Eyre:

The pick of the day blurb for the first episode:


lea said...

Thank you for those wonderful scans!
I missed this issue of Radiotimes, and I'm desperate for one, do you know where I could find it?
Thanks again!

pennyforyourdreams said...

Hi Lea,

You could try getting a back issue, you'll have to ring 01795 414720. Hope that helps :)

lea said...

Thank you very much Penny...I tried but they were out of stock :(
never mind i've got your scans anyway, thank you so much about that;) keep going with your blog, though being french and therefore quite slow to read english, I really enjoy reading it :)