Monday, October 09, 2006

Ruth Wilson in Hello Magazine

Here is the lovely Ruth Wilson talking about Jane Eyre in Hello! Magazine:

Slightly more Celine than Jane in that second pic, but wow, is she pretty.


fifi said...

I hate people who get 2:1s without really trying, ggrr!!


One good thing, if Ruth Wilson inherits the "curse of Jane Eyre" and this ends up being the biggest thing she ever did (although I hope not of course), she should be able to get a decent job with those academic credentials.

God, I miss this series


pennyforyourdreams said...

I know!!

I hope Ruth continues to do well, but I have to say, pretty, talented *and* clever, I'm jealous.

And by all accounts, she's also a really nice person.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for putting this web page up. I loved the 2006 movie so much; I thought Ruth Wilson was the perfect Jane Eyre and they couldn't have done better in casting her. It's really nice of you to put the articles on her up; since she's new, there's not that much on her yet, especially in the U.S., so these scans are great. Thanks!

Jonathan said...

I just watched her in JE, and the way she played her character got my heart all twisty, and my eyes all leaky. my god. I must be allergic to the woman!
Really a very amazing performance!


Ruth Wilson is amazing. I cannot stop watching Jane Eyre. She did a good job. God blessed her heart. I wish I can marry her.