Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Jane Eyre Actors Update

Ooh, well it's been a while since I wrote anything, this is mainly because there has been no Jane Eyre and I have not been that enthusiastic about anything else.

I thought I might do a little post about what Ruth and Toby have been doing or are in the process of.

Ruth will be in a new Miss Marple mystery and the new Stephen Poliakoff drama, amusingly alongside Toby's mum, Dame Maggie Smith.

Toby, meanwhile, will as I mentioned before, be in a drama for the BBC about Custer, a sneak peek at his hairstyle in this earlier post. There was a video on YouTube, but alas the BBC have had it taken down!

Also (thanks to the anonymous commenter who told me this little fact: speak up mystery TobyFan!) Toby and his beautiful wife Anna-Louise are expecting a baby! It's going to be one gorgeous child! Congratulations Toby and Anna-Louise.


fifi said...

Thanks for the update!

RW will also be featuring soon in the second series of Suburban Shootout, which will air in February 2007, I believe. In that programme, playing Jewel Diamond, everything she gets up to is totally un-Jane Eyre like


pennyforyourdreams said...

No problem, I forgot about "Suburban Shootout". Yes Ruth plays an incredibly un-Jane like character, almost the opposite you could say! Ruth Wilson certainly has range!

fifi said...

I daresay people knew that the whole of JE was shown back to back on BBC4 last night? Despite already having 3 of the 4 episodes recorded on DVD and having the official DVD on pre-order, I sat there, slightly opened mouthed (and dribbling at times) watching the whole thing again! Never mind nicotine replacement therapy, I need something to wean me off Jane Eyre!

This epic viewing was followed by a programme called "Charlotte Bronte unmasked", which was a most curious affair. It was basically about establishing the authenticity of a CBronte photo that came into the possession of a Bronte Society member. I suspect the programme was made some time ago and is a repeat. Although I am a fan of the Bronte sisters' work, I was gobsmacked by the complete dottiness and partiality of many of the Bronte Society people interviewed and I fear that if ever I had been tempted to join, I would now run screaming from the room .........