Thursday, May 31, 2007

Toby Stephens Interview in The Guardian

There's a great interview with Toby today in The Guardian, ostensibly to talk about his role in Betrayal at the Donmar Theatre. And congratulations to Toby and Anna-Louise as they are the proud parents of baby Eli!

Toby is asked about having been asked to play Bond, his answer was: "I don't know where that came from," he laughs. "I mean, Christ, there was enough fuss about [Craig] being blond. Can you imagine if they'd given it to a ginger? There'd be assassination plots."


La Nouvelle Heloise said...

Hey Penny,

I have been handsomely rewarded for my patience: going to see Betrayal this Saturday. Cannot wait...

How about you, any planned visits to a certain London pocket theatre?

fi said...

Great interview, thanks Penny! Toby seems like a pretty straight talker and thinker and seems to call a spade a spade (although maybe not quite as directly as his mother - who sounds a tad scary!).

Only thing I didn't like about this article is the bloody awful photo. Doesn't do our Toby justice at all :(

Thanks again and cheers


pennyforyourdreams said...

Hi la nouvelle heloise,

I'm writing this on Sunday now, so the best I can do is hope you had a great time on Saturday. What did you think? Was it fab? With not only Toby, you have Dirvla Kirwan and the fabulous Sam West, I'm guessing it was pretty good.

I wish I could traipse off to London to see the play, along with others, but unfortunately work and life generally thinks otherwise...

Hope you had a great time!

Penny :)

pennyforyourdreams said...

Hi Fi,

Regards the photo: It's pretty ill shot! Who had the great idea of making him crane his head around so it looks like he has ten chins? I was in two minds whether to actually link to it in the post, but a picture of Toby is better than no picture, so I used it :)

Dame Maggie does sound a bit scary, it's probably all an act though and she's really a softie at heart.

I'd rather Toby was straight forward and direct, it makes him more real and despite the fact we don't actually know him, you get the idea that if you did meet him (and didn't faint, like I'm sure I would) you'd probably have a nice little chat on an equal level (in my case, imcomprehensible mumbling and then fainting).

Kind regards,

Penny :)