Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Country Wife Review Roundup

Well, unfortunately this has been a long time in coming, but I've finally managed to get time to post some links to the reviews of "The Country Wife".

Toby plays Horner a "notorious womaniser" who feigns impotence as a way of getting close to the married ladies of his aquaintance and succeeds. The Country Wife of the title is one of the young ladies he seduces. The play looks wonderful, I like the mix of jeans and regency frock coats, and above all I rather like the devilish smile Toby is wearing in practically every still of the play!

The Telegraph liked it, praising the actors, Patricia Hodge and David Haig in particular and states that: "Shows don’t come much more disgracefully pleasurable than this".

The Times' reviewer seemed to get confused by the cow he had to pass to get into the auditorium and is a little tepid about the play, but again he praises the performances!

The Sunday Times reviewer enjoyed it more and describes Toby as appearing "with a snarling smile, a wolfish flash of teeth and an exaggeratedly thrusting gait that makes his crotch appear on stage several moments before the rest of him." Eh?! Wow, that must be one hell of a codpiece.
Hopefully, I'll add some more to this post later!

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