Thursday, October 04, 2007

A Little More Present Laughter

A few more Present Laughter links and then I promise I'll stop. has a lovely little video (click on the picture) of the first night with interviews with all of the main performers. The set looks impressive, but as it is a rather peculiar green colour, it does look like Garry's flat is covered in mould. Weird.This is Pip Carter, who plays Raymond Maule, looking distinctly ungeeky.

Sarah Woodward looking glamourous, as all actors tend to, praising Noel Coward and Alex Jennings' performance as Garry. Sara Stewart looks very sparkly in her sequined frock, in contrast with Alex Jennings, whom I greatly admire, but whose outfit can be generously described as "lively". The shirt by itself, I can just about take, but where did that waistcoat come from? I hope he kept the receipt.

And finally here's a review of the play in Variety: "In a role he was born to play, Jennings makes ease look, well, easy. Despite peacocking about in a series of dressing gowns, Jennings never confuses charm and smarm; he sweeps about the stage like a cross between Rex Harrison and a well-bred wolf" and "Jennings' timing is so flawless he even finds space to stretch punctuation to delicious comic effect. Attempting to extricate himself from last night's love-struck ingenue, he trots out the line, "Don't love me too much, Daphne." But he halts momentarily on the comma to search for her name, indicating just how common an occurrence this is."

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